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Chemo Care Kits Raise Spirits

Raise the Gong is hoping to lift the spirits of hundreds of Illawarra women undergoing chemotherapy by distributing Chemo Care Kits. The free kits, each valued at more than $130, are packed with items to help female cancer sufferers who are having chemotherapy and will be distributed to women by a network of volunteers.

The charity was founded in 2006 by a group of 11 women, each of whom had a personal experience with a parent with cancer. They wanted to make a difference in the community and support others who were facing similar challenges. Chemo Care Kits project man- ager Jacalyn Malone said the kits had been handed out in the past four years, but were quite small and not widely distributed. ‘‘The ones we’ve created are new and improved’’ Ms Malone said. ‘‘It’s to really help with that transition into chemo, all the little things [women] need when they’ve got bigger things to worry about.’’

The kits contain health-care products such as organic moisturisers, biotene products for teeth, crystal deodorants, lip balm, as well as bandannas and pill boxes.

Local businesses have donated products as well as discount vouchers. The Chemo Care Kits can also be ordered at

Ms Malone said the kits were not just about the products. ‘‘It’s about letting them know there is a huge community out here that supports them’’ she said.

For more information, please email

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