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Remedial Massage Wollongong

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What is Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep Tissue Massage (DTM) is designed to help athletes and active people before, during and after training. It is useful for anyone who exercises to increase flexibility, prevent injuries and help with healing after a sports injuries

It works by stretching tight muscles, stimulating inactive muscles and improving the condition of the soft tissue.

The aim of sports massage is to reduce the stress and tension that can build up in the soft tissues of the body during exercise. 


What are the Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage?

When you train hard, you also need to recover FAST...


Deep Tissue Massage has the benefit of:

- Improve your competitive edge for competition and racing

- Speed up recovery from sports training


- Reduced muscle fatigue and tension


- Increase the speed of healing of soft tissue injuries


- Increase joint mobility and flexibility


- Improve circulation



'Ivan is a really good therapist, able to work on the most physical of all athletes, with good touch and an understanding of the needs of high performance athletes.
He is also good with managing injuries, I have many sporting and military injuries which are manageable due to the work Ivan does for me. 
No one better in the Illawarra.'

Jes Atlas



'Ivan really knows his stuff, I can't go to anyone else after visiting Ivan because I always end up thinking I've just wasted my time and money!'

Bao Dang



'Ivan has extensive knowledge and understanding of the body gained from his years of experience in massage therapy. I have been receiving massages for my back injury for over a year now and he has given me not only great massages but also information on rehabilitating the injured area which has made all the difference to my recovery. I couldn't speak more highly of him and his business. He truly listens to you and wants to help people who have pain from injuries and is very passionate about his work! Book in now!!'

Samantha Healy

​Call or SMS 0431 678 020 with your preferred day and time

Deep Tissue Massage - Sports Therapies - Expert Advice
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