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Zinzino Oil...

Zinzino Oil...

With over 25 years in the health and well being space, I have not seen a supplement that will rejuvenate every cell in your body like Zinzino does...


Whether that’s a brain, kidney, muscle, bone cell etc every one of them require essential fatty acids (EFA’s).


Every cell in your body has a use-by-date.


For example, a red blood cell only lasts for 3 months, so when it dies off your body needs to create a new red blood cell and to create a fully functioning cell, it required EFA’s as we don’t manufacture them in the body. 


This is where Zinzino comes in as it contains a extremely high, pure source of EFA’s that will rebuild your cells and produce fully functioning, healthier cells over the next few months.

This is why it is important to take Zinzino longer term as cells “turnover” at different rates. The product comes with a 6-month subscription to the oils, we know it’s taken a long time for your cells to get to the state they’re in and it will take some time to repair them.


Healthier cells also absorb nutrients and your supplements more effectively...

I know myself and my family will be taking the Balance Oil long term.



What's different about Zinzino oil?

​Zinzino Oil is a powerful blend of:

  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids

  • EPA

  • DHA

  • Olive oil with Polyphenols

  • And Vitamin D

Zinzino oil helps your body rebuild and produce fully functioning, healthier cells so if you want to:

  • Increase energy levels

  • Improve recovery

  • Optimal brain function

  • Improve overall health and wellness


How to order your oil

  • Click here to order (opens in new window)

  • Should say at the top “You are visiting the site of: Ivan Radonic” unless you are on a mobile device

  • Click on “Shop Now”

  • Select Flavour (Orange is really good)

  • Select Add To Cart

  • Select Shopping Cart icon on the top right hand side of screen

  • Select Checkout

Once your ZINZINO arrives  (approx 4 days)


By now you will have received your starter kit.

Please open it up and familiarise yourself with the contents.

You will notice that there is only 1 Zinzino Blood Test Kit as the followup one will be sent later in the mail in a few months


ZINZINO Blood Test Procedure

  • IMPORTANT: Please ensure that you take a photo of the serial number of your test

  • Register your test at (opens in new window)

  • Rather than read all the instruction leaflet, here is a short video below

  • IMPORTANT: Put the dried blood sample in the silver packet and then put that inside the envelope and place the QLD sticker and a stamp on it.

  • If you would like to be notified that your blood sample arrived safely, pop your name and mobile nbr on the back of the QLD envelope and you will reecive a SMS when it arrives 


How to check your results...

  • Takes around 2 weeks for the test to come back

  • You will receive an email notifying you that your test has been analysed or :-

  • Click on (opens in new window)

  • Enter in your code from the test kit

  • Once your results through, book in a 30 min Naturopathy appointment (no charge) so we can sit down and go through your results 9589 5305


Dosage of ZINZINO Balance Oil

  • Dosage is dependent on body weight

  • 0.15ml per kg of weight

  • i.e. 0.15 x 100 kg = 15ml per day

  • Please put any Balance Oil bottles in the fridge once it has been opened as it helps preserve the essential fatty acids

​Have help? Call Ivan on 0431 678 020 to have your questions answered directly

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