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Kineseology Wollongong
Rebalance Your Body
Achieve optimal health and wellness
Break Free of Old Patterns
Find out what's holding you back and break through
Increase Your Vitality
Improve your energy levels to new levels of being
Find Your Purpose 
Understand what motivates you and be a driving force

Just North of Wollongong, Book Your Kinesiology Treatment Today

​RAD Sports Injury Clinic

​RAD Clinic is a Wollongong based Kinesiology Centre which specialises in helping find solutions to assist the client to achieve optimal health and wellness. 


We offer treatments to assist in achieving optimal health, improving sports performance and dealing with emotional trauma.



Remedial Massage Wollongong | Sports Massage Wollongong
- Achieve Optimal Health 
- Accelerate Wellness & Vitality
- Improve Sports Performance
- Injury Rehabilitation & Prevention
- Acute and Chronic Conditions
- In Depth Analysis of Body 
- Overcome Emotional Trauma
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Remedial  Massage Wollongong
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